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  1. Well, cleaning the computer and hauling !Removed!, lasted longer than I thought. I replaced the bank 1 Oxygen and a/f sensors today... Fingers crossed that cures it. J
  2. Hey John, That is so strange! I used Scotty Kilmer's method on Youtube for clearing the eco. I disconnected the battery, turned on the lights and interior dome light so it would drain the computer of any charge at all, let sit for 5 min. Then I idled in N for 4 min, Idled in L for 4 min then took it on average 50 mph hour for an hr round trip... Not quite 50 miles. I am going to look for what others say and I might try your method more precisely. Thanks for the input! Best, Justin
  3. Hey Folks, My wife drives a 99 RX300 with 225K. I have a code for bank 1 too lean. Symptoms; knock horrible smell from the exhaust studering with acceleration at 60 mph rough ideling I found two air leaks and it ran better but the code returned and after a tank of gas, the smell also returned with a sharp decline in fuel econemy. Today I cleared the computer and I have a returned code but the smell is not present yet. The good; no air leaks maf sensor working catalytic converters seem to be good (lean code and smell is not consistant) Fuel Filter, plugs done in the past 6 months injectors cleaned 6 months ago Does anyone have any ideas? Does anyone know which oxygen sensor is bank 1? I am going to replace that and see if we have improvement)