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  1. sk: I couldn't locate that scrader valve. I looked on the fuel rail but I am stumped as to where it is. Is it on the left side(standing in front) of the car or right side? Also I was able to start the car this morning(it starts every time) and rev it a bit before it dies.
  2. bbsal: I thought it could be a security problem with the antitheft system. A couple of months ago the same problem manifest itself, after I had removed the battery. Someone told me that maybe it is the antitheft system so I resetted the security system by arming the system and then turning it off again ( I can't remember exactly what I did but the car worked fine afterwards problems). Now it doing the same thing again. I will check the fuel system as suggested and report my finding tomorrow.
  3. My 94 Es300(65k) starts but dies after about 15-20 seconds( I reverse it about 10 feet). It will restart but dies immediatley. I just replaced the battery and I think it may have something to do with the security system. Any help will be appreciated. Another question: Will an ODB 2 code reader work with this car?
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