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  1. curious if its possible / remotely easy to swap the ecu ignition and w/e is involved with the immobilizer from my 98 gs300 into my 2000 <lost only key> and rather not pay 400+ for a reflash and new keys if i have what i need here
  2. Just bought my 2nd 2nd gen gs300 , first was a bit of a basketcase ,leaky cam seals ,PO put bigger injectors in ,supra front brakes and lil else 250k and rear wheel bearings started howling...motor had less miles but never really ran well....fastforward a cpl week's and I see another on CL $900 needed fender and headlight on pass side and a new belt tensioner pulley . For being in Maine it is totally rust free, assuming it led a very pampered life as a business persons company car that likely rarely saw rain let alone its history I don't know much besides it sat in a garage for 3 years with....get this ...348k...touch the key and it purrs like it had 48k .With the exception of the stereo that was removed and the partially installed new system everything works flawlessly as it should. I am not sure how many *options* were available but I do seem to be lacking heated seats and no nav system if that was a thing in...oh the first one was a 98 and this new one is a its credit and soon to be a part of the 2k's the 98 also has a fairly nice black interior 😊.