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  1. Thank you - I was mistaken and confused, do to the TV commercial in the 90s saying that every Lexus door is double sealed. Which is true for passenger doors, not the rear hatch door, lol. Now, I need to try to figure out how to disconnect the power linkage. I wish I could afford the expensive factory repair manual. I had one for every car I owned, until they started costing more than $350 dollars, for only 1 or 3 volumes.
  2. Hi Folks. 2014 RX 350 All I can find is the weather strip on the liftgate. But I'm searching online oem parts websites for the weather strip for the rear hatch area, on the body side. Any clues on the correct keyword or which diagram to view would be appreciated. I feel I have browsed through all the interior trim diagrams, which do show body side weather seal for each door, but not for the rear hatch area. Thanks for any help.