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  1. Hi Paul, I'm very happy with my car. She's Matador Red Mica, Camel interior, 99k miles. The exact colors I wanted. Just had her serviced, water pump, belts, plugs, filters, etc. The whole nine yards. She's in great shape, with a few imperfections. . . just like her new owner. 😊. I'm in NorCal, so I did drive with the top down today as well. Looking forward to learning more about her and enjoying her for a long time. I will be back on line with more questions as they arise. Thanks again for the information. Y'all are very helpful.
  2. Great advice and helpful information. My husband and i laughed at your "significant other" reference. The key will be my first order of business. Thanks again.
  3. Hi Everyone, especially Paul. I tried to respond on my phone, but I was unable to do so. The computer is much easier. Thanks again for all of your great advice. I finally purchased my dream car on Friday, the 2008 Lexus SC 430. Does anyone know where I can purchase the owner's manual for this car, other than Ebay or the dealer? Also, i need to get a second key. I have one master key. The dealer will charge about $300. Any ideas on how to get one done cheaper? Thanks again. I do appreciate your responses and I do read them. julie
  4. Hello, first time on this forum. My husband suggested I sign up. I've been looking to buy an SC 430 under 100k. I've test driven a few and had a PPI inspection on a 2008 with 98,738 miles, red exterior, dark tan interior. They want $16995. Clean carfax. My three biggest questions: 1. Is it normal for the front end to shake a little once you hit 70mph, or do you think it's just a failure to balance the wheels after putting on New tires? 2. Anything I should specifically be aware of? 3. Is anyone selling? Light interior a must! Thank you.