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  1. Miles on it. Full luxury package with 20 " wheels, AWD, Mark Levinson awesome stereo, Panoramic roof, Analine leather seats and drives like a dream. I just bought it a week ago and really like the car a lot. The only problem I have is when I went to look under the car I see a lot of rust and the aluminum housings on the front and rear wheel drive box and all aluminum has a haze and looks like corrosion on it. Lots of rust I didn't see when I bought it. I keep reading how Lexus makes cars with great coverage and they should not rust. Mine is and it is starting to bother me for the future of the car after 2022 when the warranty runs out. Should I get my local dealer to inspect and report how it passed the 161 CPO inspection with the bad condition of the undercarriage? I see them Monday for a new key to be made. I bought my car out of state since there is more of a selection there. What is the policy of Lexus for caring for the undercarriage and condition of the components next to the ground. I thought the car was from California, but found out it's from Wisconsin where the slush on the roads in the winters is most likely the cause of the corrosion I found.