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  1. Thank you do you think this is the cause of my heating issues? And are the heater hoses you are talking about the ones in the phot or are they different? Also how much coolant do I want to add and where do I want to pour it in directly into the radiator? Or to the reservoir I’m asking because the reservoir says it’s full.
  2. Hello everyone I’m new here and a new Lexus owner if I’m posting this is the wrong place I apologize. I just bought my grandmas old 2000 Lexus gs300 it has 174k miles and has been well cared for there are some minor issues I need help trouble shooting but the main one I need to fix right now is the heater because I cannot defrost my windows. I’m not sure where to start with figuring out the issue no matter how high I turn up the climate control I cannot get the air to blow hot. The first day I drove it to work the passenger side was blowing warm air but not as warm as it should have been and t
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