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  1. Well, I took it to a AAA car center that had an expert Toyota mechanic and he said i was the Throttle Position sensor and Mass Airflow Meter. And he said you also have to do something to teach it to relearn the system (that was probably why replacing the TPS alone didn't fix the problem with the previous auto shop it was in). They also told me the power steering pump is leaking and I need new valve cover gaskets, the 2 axles are broken, the right one needs to be fixed right away, Rear struts need to be replaced (knew about this prior), brake master cylinder needs to be replaced (also knew about this prior). My questions are: 1. Is there an easy tutorial on how to get car to relearn the system somewhere so I can show to my previous mechanic? The prices at this shop are double his!! 2. Is this worth it anymore? The car is over twenty years old! But I did just pay for new tires, fixed brake and axle and payed for false diagnosis mad for the current problem.
  2. Just by googling the ECU capacitor failure, I didn't see my '97 lexus es300 on it.
  3. No, I never experienced that issue with the engine.
  4. I was told it was ok to use regular gas instead of premium. You are saying it’s not? it does sound like it would be the sensor, but like I said, replacing it didn’t help at all. But after reading this... “.Replacing the TPS will include clearing relevant fault codes, and may require software reprogramming of the new TPS module to match other engine management software” Maybe the tps module needs reprogramming and he is unaware of this. Shouldn’t it automatically happen with an oem part?
  5. The sensor that gave the error message was the throttle position sensor and replacing that did not fix the problem
  6. I don't remember smelling gasoline, but I do fill it up with regular gas, not premium. Are you suggesting it's the choice of gas that is messing with my car? Why would I buy a diagnostic comp tool when the mechanic already has one? I have no idea about the mileage, I'm really not car savvy at all. It happened in winter and summer. Thanks.
  7. It only gave the mechanic that one code at time of stall. I’m almost positive it was air flow sensor. I will call him back and ask. But it didn’t end up being the problem. The car didn’t give any other codes. Just the fact that you are trying and asking me questions, is already helping. Thank you. The first time it stalled it let me start it up again to make it home. This last time it got to a point it wouldn’t let me restart it and I had to wait a few minutes before it let me restart the engine.
  8. My '97 Lexus ES300 has 89,000 miles and is having a stalling problem. It is currently at its third mechanic and he is also having problems figuring out what the problem is. The first time it stalled was after driving on the highway. The first mechanic cleaned the throttle body, but that didn't fix the problem, it stalled after driving around town (wasn't on the highway). After doing a little research I noticed people saying it was a dirty Idle Air Control valve so I told the second mechanic about that. He also said the car was sitting too long with old gas and I needed to get that cleaned out because it was dirty. After doing that it drove ok the first day but stalled after I got off the highway again. So I towed it to a third mechanic after breaking down and of course, it wouldn't stall for him at first (he wasn't able to get to it right away so sat in his lot for few days) so I told him to go on the highway with it and it stalled as he pulled into the shop. He was able to pull an error code that said it was some sensor (forgot the name) and he bought a new one but that didn't solve the problem either it only ran worse so he put back the old one. It is also having a little lurching on acceleration and after stalling it also didn't sound like it was running well. He has so far: checked spark plugs, vacuum leaks, throttle posturing, airflow sensor, checked coils and checked the fuel pump. After searching on these forums I came up with: possibly damaged air intake tubing, check PCV valve, and getting an induction kit (don't know what that is). I plan on passing on these possible fixes to the mechanic. Can anyone else suggest what the problem might be? Thanks!