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  1. Thanks for your feedback Paul. No the red light on the fob is not continuously on. its only comes on along with the beep from the car when ever a button on the fob is pressed. i usually keep the fob in my pocket, like i do my other car keys but only the ES350 key fob has had this issue. i recently purchased a key fob on ebay which i intend to take to a Lexus dealership for programing but i wanted to check with folks on the Forum to see if anyone had experienced this and if there is a fix for it besides replacing the fob.
  2. Hello, has anyone experienced very rapid battery drain on Lexus remote key/fob before? The battery on my remote key/fob expires every 10 - 12 days and i've gone through more than 10 batteries in the last 3 months. I've heard that i may need to replace the remote. But I'll like other opinions. I wouldn't want to buy a new remote key/fob is the old one can simply be fixed and sorted out. Thanks in advance of your feedback.
  3. Hi, i am new on the forum. i'm hoping to get some help/guidance with a challenge with my ES350 2008 model year. 3 weeks ago , my car suddenly came up with this 'fault message' on its dash - 'Low Engine Oil Level Indicator '.. i had done an Oil replacement in April. i also checked my oil level as soon as I saw this , and the Oil level is okay - well gauged. I've checked every other day just to make double sure and its always gauged and on the right level. The alarm/notice clears after a few minutes of driving, But continues to come and go every other day until the last 4 days
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