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  1. Hi - I am a first time Lexus buyer and this is my first post. I found a 2000 LX470 I like, but even though it has low miles (115,000), it still does make me nervous buying a 19 year old car. I have gone through many of your posts and have learned some of the things to look for. But here are my 2 main questions? I would like to have a mechanic that specifically works with these 1st and 2nd generation LX470s to go through the car with a fine-toothed comb. Do you have a mechanic that you would recommend in the San Bernardino / Pasadena / Los Angeles area to determine if this is the car I should buy? And if it turns out this is not "the one", which year tends to have the least amount of issues (e.g., are there some years that are better than others?) Thanks so much! Karen