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  1. I have 2010 is250c and the top is stuck in the down position. hit the switch and does nothing but beep and says I should check the coverable system.. took it to a friend and found a fault code B252A witch is something about the back window sencer but trying to see it with top down is impossible. there is a way to get the top up in the hand book of the car, but it does not give good enough info on how or what bolts you need to take off to do so. my friends also told me if I put top up and take things apart the dealer would blame me for the problems.. guess I am stuck with top down for a few weeks till dealer comes to pick it up.. I live far from a dealership makes it very hard when something goes wrong with it. also I would like to add there is nothing on internet about this cars convertible hard top at all- fixes, codes, or pic of get the top down manually.