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  1. Hey all - I am looking into getting a used ES350 to use as a commuter car for our family - I put about 20k-25k miles per year on it and i'm looking for a car that I can get about 200k-250k trouble-free miles out of before I have to invest significant $$$ into it. Thus, reliability/longevity is extremely important to my decision so I'm only considering Toyotas or Lexus. I like the ES350 because it has a great reputation for reliability and it is relatively inexpensive compared to a Camry or other models. I am terrified of purchasing a used car that has a ton of issues so I need help from the resident experts here. Does this car seem to fit the bill based on the criteria I outlined? What are the major types of repair I should factor into my decision? What are some major "what could go wrongs" that I should consider when buying? What are some things I should keep an eye out for when I'm inspecting ES350s?