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  1. Something that just crossed my mind, is it plausible that the brakes are intermittently dragging a bit? I've noticed it happens after stop and go traffic. i forgot to mention, it's not consistent. Sometimes it's nice and smooth, and sometimes it bounces around for a while.
  2. I don't believe its balancing, when I got it balanced the steering wheel shaking was fixed, that's all good now. I just got it aligned a couple days ago, and then rotated my tires. (Problem persisted). If it was balance, wouldn't the back wheels, which are now in the front, cause the steering to shake again? Thank you for your response, I don't mean to argue.
  3. Hello! First post on this forum, nice to meet you all. 🙂 I've noticed a sort of vibration in the back end of the car, at 50+mph. This happens in particular after sitting in stop&go traffic, or city driving. I've had the car aligned, balanced and rotated the tires. (Not specifically for this, we bought it from a guy who had whacked a lot of curbs, finally got around to the alignment. Balance was for the shaking steering wheel (really bad) at speed. Anyways, I'm kind of confused as to what is causing the shaking and I would be appreciative of any help that could be offered. I'd just like to note, it doesn't feel overly dangerous or anything, I'm just a bit nervous that it's going to get worse. Many thanks!