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  1. I’m needing a brake stop pad. Part number I found is N31214408090es. I can’t find one, or one that says it will fit. Can someone point me in the right direction? Thanks
  2. If that was the case they would all be off. Probably just more bad bulbs. Most people replace all of them,when one fails the rest will be next
  3. I bought a 95sc400 with 60000 original miles. The car runs and drives so nice, I couldn’t pass it up, but a/c, radio, and air bag light is on. I’ve been told the a/c is not working because a bad climate modular. Radio stations show, hear a low pop in speakers when I turn them on. I hear a clicking when changing the volume. I pulled the amp, it looks good and it’s dry. I also tried the unhook phone mute under back seat. It didn’t do anything.Air bag light is code 54, and I forgot to mention the head lights will only work in auto when dark. Bad integrated relay? Sometimes the car will beep when I lock and unlock it, sometimes it will not.It just seems weird to me that everything worked, the car was put in storage for 12 years and now so many things wrong. Could all these problems be related? Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated.
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