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  1. I have not replaced tires as of yet. I am working with the dealership I bought it at. Took it in this morning to have it diagonised at a closer Lexus dealership..I have noticed the airbags are leaking and the back is lower and I did try to raise it and i don't know if it is the switch or what but when I had it in park and trying to raise it up, nothing happened... I am hoping that this can be resolved before I have the expense of buying new tires.. I noticed on the comfort level button they are 4 selections and the book says the 2nd mode (larger dot) is for in town driving. Most of my driving is highway miles.. I just want this resolved where I can enjoy this 2007 Lexus GX 470 without costing me so much out of pocket. I know since I bought it (used as is warranty) I am hoping i am not going to be hit too hard.
  2. Thank you for your info.. I am taking it in tomorrow and I am going to replace tires and get the front end aligned..... They had put new brakes on it as well as a timing belt and water pump. My son drives a 2004 GX470 and he suggested I had them put a water pump and timing belt on since it had 105,000 miles on it. I am hoping I see a difference. Thanks for you help.
  3. I always wanted a Lexus and traded a Toyota 4 Runner in on a 2007 Lexus 470 with 105,000 miles.... Purchased in Dallas and drove it 300 Miles back home and I felt like I was beat to death it was so rough. Had it in Comfort Zone and made no changes. Lexus dealer technician did not find anything wrong with the shock absorbers or the suspension and said the airbags were fine. They said they just rode like that.. Tires were nearly new but were 3 different brands. Not sure why 3 different brands when it was trading in., They said the shock absorbers were in good shape and doesn't need replaced at this time and not a safety concern... I am so disappointed to hear all of that being a 64 year old lady that always wanted a Lexus..... Any suggestions out there would be helpful.....