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  1. You are right! It’s the solenoid that was the source of the clicking, but we managed to discover that it was the relay. The solenoid would fure, but the starter wouldn’t.
  2. Thank you. I managed to get it to start, and it was the starter relay! I popped it out and put it back in, and it worked just fine. Thanks for the diagnosis help though
  3. I own a 1999 Lexus ls400. This is my first car that I got from my uncle. It has 400,000+ miles on it, and it’s just generally beat up. 2 weeks ago, the car stopped running. I had just parked it the night before and woke up to have it not even turn over. When I turn the key, I hear a click inside the engine compartment, but that’s it. There’s power to all the lights and everything else turns on. The starter will sometimes actually move as if it wants to turn over, but only for a second or two. Does anyone have any idea as to what’s wrong with it?