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  1. I'm not here to fight either, just trying to help some folks ... You have a good weekend as well ...
  2. Your information that synthetic oils do not sometimes cause leaks is simply false ... They certainly can and do cause leaks ... I have worked on cars for over 40 years, I know several mechanics and our family has owned and operated a licensed dealership for more than 20 years ... I happen to know it is true that synthetic oils do sometimes lead to gasket failure and leaks, but people on this forum can choose to believe you Lenore instead if they wish ... It is all up to them what they will believe ... I simply have told what I know to be true ... https://www.quora.com/What-is-the-reason-that-synthetic-oil-causes-leaks
  3. I am full aware of the reported problems with this engine ... I recently purchased this vehicle from auction, so I have no idea of it's maintenance history ... I was simply writing to let people know that the excessive oil consumption issue related to these engines may be able to be resolved by a few simple repairs ... Regardless of what mechanics might say, it is not always as serious of an issue as they may be claiming ... One must remember they are in business to make money ... Many of them would much rather you have a bill in the thousands rather than you spend $60 correcting the problem yourself ... This is just a fact ... Also, I have been taking care of my own vehicles for over 40 years and never once have I used any synthetic oil ... I use a good oil of the proper weight, change the oil and filter regularly and if any engine problems occur it is unlikely to have anything to do with the oil that is being used ... Synthetic oil, in my opinion, is just another way to get more money out of your pocket into the pockets of others ... Synthetics often lead to gasket leaks that otherwise would not have occurred, in turn leading to other repairs ... I just wanted to recommend to those who are experiencing a lot of oil usage from these engines to first try a few simple repairs before jumping to take the advice of a mechanic and possibly spending thousands of dollars ... The problem just may be able to be fixed rather inexpensively as was the case with this vehicle ... PCV valve, oil change, plugs, cleaning oil control valve screen ... If that doesn't work then one could dig deeper ... I wish everyone good luck in having their vehicle repaired at the lowest cost possible ...
  4. I recently noticed my 2001 Lexus es300 was using a quart of oil per 120 miles, but only during highway driving ... I replaced the PCV valve, changed the oil and filter using Pennzoil 5w-30, replaced the spark plugs and cleaned the oil control valve screen located on the driver side of the front head ... Just took a 120 mile highway trip today and the car used zero oil ... After the trip the oil level was exactly where it was when I started the trip ... Not sure exactly what cured the problem, but I am guessing it was replacing the PCV valve that had the most effect, a $5 part ... As I did these things myself, total repair cost was less than $60 ...