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  1. Hey thanks for the feedback. Appreciate it. I had to read it twice to make sure I understood your message correctly, as at first I couldnt imagine sticking a knife into the CD slot. But, I get the concept - and will give it a go this weekend. It beats heading to after market radio shop to buy/install a new one, if this works. Fingers crossed. Mahalo from Maui Anne-Marie
  2. I have an Error Code 3 - which indicates that the CD player is not working properly. The CD will not eject nor play. I can't see the CD to try to pull it out. Lexus wants $125 to diagnose challenge indicating if it is not a stuck CD that they can easily pull out that a refurbished CD player will cost $900. I Googled repairing CD myself -- but one has to pull out all sorts of other components to disable the unit. A nightmare process. QUESTIONS: 1. Anyone have similar challenge and how did you resolve? 2. Has anyone replaced successfully this radio unit with aftermarket radio? If so, which one do you recommend? I have the premium radio with Mark Levison sound system 2006. MAHALO Anne-MArie