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  1. I used the 30mm strut spacers that mount on top of the strut. It’s a pain to install but I feel more secure with this type.
  2. Cool. I was pondering whether to add side rails and rear bumper guard or to stop where I’m at. I kind of like the looks of the dune buggy rock crawler side bars.
  3. I tried to post a reply already. Not sure if it worked but I don’t see it. Yeah we welded .25” flat steel to the subframe then used 1” x 2” rectangular tube steel to make a crossbar. From that we just anchored the winch plate and then made a place for the bumper guard hardware to bolt on to. It’s only a 5,000lb light duty winch that I’ll probably never use but might be enough to get unstuck from the snow or something.
  4. Thx for the info and idea all. I took it one step further and had the son-n-law help me weld a winch and guard on my 2000 RX300.
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