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  1. Hello everyone, I recently discovered how to fix a 'rotten egg' smell in the cabin on my 2007 Lexus IS250, which was driving me crazy. I had mentioned it to the Lexus dealership, when the car was in for service, without satisfaction........they palmed me off saying that the car was running perfectly and that the smell was a common issue with my model Lexus. Well that's not good enough Lexus !!! I was hell-bent of finding a solution, read up on various web links that it could be the catalytic converter, etc. etc. ........but guess what, it's not that difficult to fix ! It was purely the case of blocking off a couple of air-vents in the boot of the car, which are badly designed by Lexus, that let exhaust gasses into the cabin. They are poorly designed with a gravity operated plastic flap, that having deteriorated over time, no longer seals the vents to prevent exhaust gasses from being sucked back into the car. See video link here below on how to DIY change/repair this vents at home. I simply blocked them off with a thin piece of plastic cut-to-size and glued into position. Now, no more smell, even under heavy acceleration..........happy motoring !!! DIY: Lexus ISF IS250 IS350 rear duct vent replacement - YouTube