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  1. I guess my issue is nothing with the brakes. Its a communication issue with the instrument cluster. Anyone know if I can get a junked cluster or need to deal with a dealership? either way everything is working fine which is good. so it is just a visible check engine light that bothers me.
  2. Thanks for the reply. I am having all looked at on Wednesday. I shared your thought on the issues. I appreciate it! Thanks again.
  3. Thanks, Not sure about the tires? they are all brand new and even. The truck is proving to have a lot of little issues: Slight chirping sound when I turn left but goes away when driving straight. Squeaking breaks. Emergency brake handle pops up slightly and light flashes on, but it stays down 95% of the time. I still actually love the truck but not thrilled to have to get these things looked at.
  4. I hope you find out. I bought an 02 with 150k. They installed new tires and I am having issues with a check engine light that all the codes are directed to ABS issues. The module and booster was replaced prior to me buying the truck. The truck brakes fine and all the trac stuff works great in the snow still (I live in Vail CO... LOTS of snow this season) But we are stumped on the Check engine light. Looking to get new rims for it, I hope this doesn't cause more issues? Good luck.
  5. Looking to get my 2002 a face lift with rims and more off road style nerf bars. I am having a hard time finding simple steal black rims. and a simple off road nerf bar preferable with a step. Any help or direction would be helpful.
  6. Ordered a new trim piece for the driver side bottom to rear fender. any advice on ease of install? Videos? I will be checking youtube I am sure when i get the piece. thanks
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