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  1. Softer ride with bigger tyres looks awsum Alexc87
  2. 245 / 65 /17 bf Goodrich all terrain ko2
  3. CLimair of eBay had heko ones in the past and they were good .
  4. Had a spare hour finally got the all terrains on .
  5. Some good work going on here guys . Like to see some progress and ideas ive had my wheels and tyres just need time to get them on
  6. Some good work going on here like to see the mods going well . I have added side steps . Helps the kids get in with the 100mm lift . 😂
  7. I converted due to air bags bag fail used bc coilovers as I didn’t need any other parts to convert . I removed old airbags ,pump and res and all ride height sensors , i can get tyres for 20” with a nice chunky side wall but want to keep the 18” with a bigger tyre got 255/55/18 with 140mm wall but thinking 265/65 /18 only 10mm wider but 172mm wall that 32mm higher ride . Will have to try one see if it fits
  8. Hi guys . Just joined . Got a 2004 Lexus rx300 just converted it to coilovers and lifted it 100mm more than stock . Wondering how big a tyre I could get as I’m due a full set soon. Been looking at big Goodrich all terrain for the look aswell as handling and grip . I got 18” wheel . I also got 20” which I also had fitted .