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  1. Thanks on the info...... yes I'll change out the 25 amp #59 location fuse.
  2. Hello... I'm new to the group and I just experienced this audio/amp issue just recently. I do have a question regarding the amp's part number. The one I just pulled out had a part number 86280-0W100 and after researching my options of finding a shop to repair it or just find one on ebay, I chose ebay instead. A shop wanted over $500 and that's an outrageous price. So the one I just purchased exact Mark Levinson Power Amp from a guy on ebay but after committing to it, I realized the part number wasn't exactly the same as my old one. The one that's is coming is a 86280-0W100-A and apparently it came out of a 2002 ES330 car.... so what does the A stand for? Will it still work as a replacement amp???