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  1. I just bought a 2017 gx460 as a replacement for my MB ML350 4matic. The older engine was an attraction for me. I don’t know about Lexus but MB rolls out engineering changes throughout the year, etc. I expect the same for Lexus. In theory, parts should be cheaper, etc. due to economies of scale, etc.
  2. I just purchased a cpo 2017 gx460 premium yesterday. I have not looked at a 4Runner since my 89, which was a great truck. the cpo has an unlimited mileage bumper-bumper warranty to 2023 and can be extended to 2028. Nobody wants to negotiate until the end of the month, quarter, etc. I saw a lot of positive comments etc. about the gx460 but some criticisms too — older interior design and styling, etc., the rear door, etc. I don’t care. Mine has low mileage (16k). I tend to put a lot of mileage on vehicles so the warranty was a big positive. My son has a 2009 lx470 with 175k miles on it. I did do a lot of price comparisons between dealers, etc. online and the usual sites for feedback, etc. The gx460 seems to have a good resale value. I assume much of the above would apply to the 4Runner too.