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  1. old1goatroper@yahoo.com

    Wierd noise / light shake around 1400-1600 RPM

    Went to lexus dealer today. They ordered me a supposed fix for the resonance problem. Its is a pipe that comes that comes off the exhaust manifold. The Tech Service Bulletin says its the fix. It doesn"'t fix it. They have added a weight on a 3" bracket welded to the old first pipe off manifold. Waste of gas, 250 mile round trip. Seems like they have engineers that could work on this problem.🤔
  2. old1goatroper@yahoo.com

    rx350 mufflers

    a service man from the agency told me that the mufflers on the japanese rx350's are quiet. does anyone know anything about that????
  3. old1goatroper@yahoo.com

    Wierd noise / light shake around 1400-1600 RPM

    the service guy at the dealership says a few people are complaining, yes you are right, its exhaust resonance issue at 1100 to about 1900 rpm. I have even cut pipes 4 in from muffler and swiveled them down at a 45 deg., helps a little bit, but its definetly exhaust..
  4. old1goatroper@yahoo.com

    exhaust noise

    low rpm exhaust vibration, if rpm gets below about 2000, the whole car vibrates and i can't listen to the radio seats shake. when is lexus going to redesisgn the muffler.