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  1. I'm just wandering which RX did you buy? How do you like it?
  2. I have to agree with 1990LS400 now. It appears he knows a lot more about the system than me. I probably would attempt to do a repair on it and cause more damage, lol. You should turn it in on your insurance and pay your deductible. I wouldn't sell the car or trade it for this, that would be a big $$$ loss.
  3. Is the emblem busted? If so was it busted when you received the car. I wouldn't pay $1700 for a new one either. First I would pull it apart and see if the sensor under the emblem is damaged. If not I would replace the emblem and go from there. The sensor is probably not damaged just part of the emblem is against it. If you do not want to tackle it yourself try a collision place. You can always get an emblem at a salvage yard. When you pull it apart there should be a part number on the back. Use that to find one. They are about $125 on or any number of other parts places.
  4. This must be a problem with Lexus as I've had the same problem on my 03' ES300. I bought it with 62,200 miles on it and they had just replaced the pads it said. At about 75k I started getting the wavering on the pedal when braking. I knew this must be a warped disc so I had them turned and replaced my pads. Problem solved. At about another 5k miles it started again. I performed the same with having the disc turned and replaced the pads again. Wavering stopped. Luckily I had purchased O'Rileys ceramic pads with Lifetime warranty and they replaced them free. At just under 100k it starts again. T
  5. Thanks for the reply. I ended up going with my credit unions extended pkg. They had a 3 yr 36k miles for $1200, that covered everything that's not a normal wear item. Probably will never use it but just case and it give my wife a little peace of mind. The dealers same pkg was $3600. The dealer did have something that I went with. A insurance that repaired door dings, replaced lost or broke remotes, replaced windshield and paid my insurance deductible if I had an accident. Probably will use this since every vehicle I have has had to get a windshield rock ding repaired and one replaced that my i
  6. I'm just purchasing a 2013 RX350 with 62,900 miles here in Dallas. My big question. Should I buy an extended warranty on this suv? I've owned 2 older Lexus before but the newer technology that is showing up in these cars and we're demanding can be expensive to fix. This being 7 years old things can start breaking and wearing out by now. I know the car will be reliable for years to come but will the new electronics last? Thanks for any feedback.
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