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  1. I recently back in April changed my Daughter's Radio Unit in her 2008 RX350. I purchased the unit from and bought their steering wheel conversion unit which was plug & play. It worked great! including the Microphone on the Unit for answering the cell phone hands-Free! The steering wheel Control Interface: Item #120ASWC1 was $41.00 but I felt was worth it! Easily installed and worked great!
  2. Hi Ladies & Gents, Rather New to this Site, but sifted through before purchasing my Daughter Her 2008 Rx350 with 100,000 miles well maintained Lexus! All Dealer ship invoices from 5,000 mile interval check-ups and oil changes with even a New Lexus battery installed at 90,000 miles. (who installs a Lexus battery in a 9 year old car from the Dealer)? Had to be costly? Anyways, looking to install a Remote Starter for her. Better to have it installed and bite the bullet on the extra $150.00 or get unit on E-bay for a lot less and install myself? I am a really good mechanic and probably could easily install it but there are some wiring with Japanese, Korean, Chinese vehicles that are better left to a person who has installed these units and can make sure there is NO trouble-shooting later? Hard to find a more direct plug & Play Remote with little wiring and then there are the Remotes? The RX350 does NOT have push button start. Have to use the key I need another programmed key? I only have one NOW! I do have the Techstream software but haven't programmed another key yet? Another post! Let me have your feed back or is there a Post on this site so I can go to it for HELP? I would like a more recent post for the Newer Remote starter and like to use my existing Key Fob?