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  1. virtualking

    Door Lock Problems?

    I think you should have removed the actuator and get new one and it w ill work for you
  2. virtualking

    New 12 Volt Battery Installed

    You have received a faulty battery perhaps you should Ask for the replacement and get a new one
  3. virtualking

    Aftermarket cold air intake?

    Yes, maybe these aftermarket gadgets can send cooler air to the engine, but they can’t send more air in than the factory intake because the amount of air that can go in is limited by the throttle. This final passage cannot be enlarged without modifying the whole system.
  4. virtualking

    First Lexus, a question or two

    You should contact a mechanic to check it up and see if any problem is there and checkout all the things properly
  5. you should be able to see the switch a little to the left of the steering wheel.