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  1. This is my 1st post here & my 1st Lexus (2010 LS460). Sense getting my LS460 I’ve been searching for the right looking wheels (that I’m still able to get). I came across Savini BM3’s, they’re discontinued but I was able to get my hands on six rims through a Savini distributor. They didn’t have the (22x10.5 5x120mm rears) so I had to just get 6-(22x9 5x120mm). I got 6 because I’ll probably never be able to get these again so 2 for the front plus an extra spare, likewise for the rear because both have separate offsets from the other. Even though I can live with the 22x9’s I’m seeing if I might get lucky and find a set of rear (22x10.5 5x120mm) to finish the staggered look/setup. TLDR LF Savini (22x10.5 5x120mm) wheels if anyone might have a couple