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  1. Thanks for the information, I guess I need to find out if I do have the module and if I do get the ID # off the module.
  2. I just bought it a couple of weeks ago. But like I said when I push the sat button sat comes up on the screen, theirs 3 different sat screens and when I go to channel 0 it comes up ID but no number. So I've heard that the satellite module is located in the trunk? I will look and see if I can locate it.
  3. Anyone still have a satellite tuner? I have a '07 GS350 I have a sat button but when I push it it switches to satellite but when I try to get ID it comes up blank?
  4. I have '07 GS350 thinking of adding navigation has anyone done this? Try to do OEM. I'm new on this forum and sorry I know this question as probably been asked several times.
  5. I also have a '07 GS350 and want to add nav and backup camera, any help?