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  1. I'm looking for product suggestions to convert the Cigarette Lighter in my 2006 SC430 to a USB Port. Has anyone purchased a simple plug-in device that they are pleased with? Thanks.
  2. Matador Red

    2006 SC 430

    Ilse, I own a 2006 SC 430 and have owned several Hondas and Toyotas. I've also driven Corvettes over the years. They are all boring compared to the SC 430. I recently purchased a set of new model Bridgestone Run Flat Tires and they changed my attitude toward run flats entirely. The ride is much softer now and the power steering is smoother. Aside from that issue, I have no concerns. It is a fantastic car, just regular maintenance with a timeless style that is destined to be a classic. Great car for our warm weather climate. Worry not and get yourself some fun.