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  1. I think you're thinking in the right direction but I'm thinking the difference in the resistance would possibly cause a malfunction in the lighting (less likely) but almost certain that you'd get a tail light warning light glowing in the instrument panel.. The 95 and 6 lights have seven bulbs and that's where I'm sitting currently. I have a 96 with 7 bulb harness but I'm trying to find a unique mod for the 92 tails, which I prefer, so I've 3d printed adapters to fit the different sized bulbs in the slots they should go in order to illuminate when and where I feel will look and function b
  2. Sorry to bump an old subject but this is a great idea i've been thinking about for a long time.. Does anyone know of a newer tablet that will fit this space? Also I was wondering if anyone had reached out to the company that does the screens for the climate control to see if they might sell the programming that runs the AC? Hell I don't even know if that is a possibility. I just would like to try and fill this space completely with one screen (similar to the Tesla) and this would be the only option I can come up with.. If anyone else has an idea I'm open to suggestion!Sorry to bump an old subj
  3. Been having issues with my 2JZGE motor. Started yesterday. In the last 2 months I've replaced timing belt, water pump, intake manifold gasket. Spark plugs. 3 of the 6 plug wires are currently brand new (lol.. starres the job at work thinking it was going to be easier than I thought then realized I didn't have all the tools or time to finish, will finish today) new distributor, new O2 sensors. Actually went junk yard shipping yesterday looking for some interior parts, seats etc... She was running great all morning. Let it run trying to diagnose a tiny vacuum leak I can hear near the Y plenum. D
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