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  1. Does anybody know how to by-pass the navigation unit and jumper the plugs so the maintenance button and phone sytem works? I can install a Tom Tom or Garmin a lot cheaper than fixing the nav unit. I have tried all of the tricks including removing the battery and soldering it back in. Same results; Please insert the correct map disk? Cannot use my maintenance button as it defaults right to the Nav message on screen. The phone will work but cannot get it off "Mute"
  2. Okay I have a 2005 GX470 and the navigation will not update? I have tried everything listed in all of the forums including removal of the unit and disconnecting the battery and resoldering back in place. Very frustrated because it also affects my service tab? Just reverts back to the screen to insert updated map disk. The disk I had when I purchased the vehicle is a North America W 41D and it says data version 04.2 I purchased and update on line and it says NA U 28 D and data version 13.1 The original disk is # 86271-33044 and the new one is #86271-48243 If anyone knows what I can do other than buying another unit please help