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  1. My 2004 GX 470 (Sand Dollar Pearl) was the most dynamic vehicle I saw and rode at the auction the day I purchased it. There was a slight chip on roof then that I was determined to cover up professionally. Within months, the chip turned to chunks, right down to the primer. I had it prof painted to the tune of 1200.00 (parts of the roof rack later blew off on the highway from not being reinstalled properly and that set me back another 200.00). A few months after this event the tops of the doors started to chip down to the primer and the issue is growing substantially into an embarrassing eyesore. I see chips beginning to occur, which are also destined to reach junkyard-worthy status, on just about every area that faces upwards towards the sky. I would be outraged if not for the fact that everything else about the vehicle is fantastic. But really? The BODY of a car is its calling card, and to see such a collossal and consistent surface flaw juxtaposed to the iconic “L” symbol should be an utter disgrace to Lexus and Toyota, their brand, noteable customer service and high-quality standards. This has taken a debilitating shot to my sales efforts hauling clients around in what should be the epitome of luxury, comfort and reliability in an SUV as well. I see on this board that appealing to Lexus on this issue has been futile. This will not hinder me from attempting the very same challenge. Hate to sign off with this, but I feel comfort in knowing I am not alone in this event.