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  1. Ok, thanks a lot fot your response, I've probably not found the right guy ! Regards
  2. Hy everyone. First of all, I apologize about my English . . . I'm french ! I post here because after I had read lot on the subject, I can't have an answer about my questions. I'm a RX400h 2007 french owner and I bought it three years ago with only one black key with 3 remote buttons, fully functionnal ! My seller (multi mark seller not Lexus one) wasn't honest by mail and phone and after I spent 3 hours by train and one hour by taxi, he give me only one key and told me "Do you want it or no" . . . and I bought it ! In 2015, I tried to get another key with my Lexus Local Seller, but he told me he couldn't because my key is actualy known by "calculator" as a wallet one (not a master one) and so he couldn't programm a new one ! I tried to get one key with a local key store, and I've now a key without buttons and I can start engine with it but I can't switch off alarm with it so it is not very usefull. I bought a new blank key with remote on internet that was cut by a key store but wasn't programmed because no one here can do it! I'm now a bit lost . . . I want to know what can I do in that conext to have a new fully functionnal key with remote ! Thanks a lot to the community and thanks before your answer. Regards