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  1. stalled

    Yea that does not sound good at all. So do you think that was a piston that made that hole
  2. piston

    Not sure if this is the correct forum but i found this hole under my engine, when i tried putting oil in it came out here. Could this hole be made from a piston? Any suggestions on what i could do?
  3. stalled

    Tried putting oil in and it came pouring out,this is what i saw under the engine a big hole. ugh so im guessing i need a new engine?
  4. stalled

    1999 lexus rx300 - I was driving on the highway my car started to shake then white smoke came out tailpipe and it stalled out.Got it towed home will start after a few tries but will not stay running unless foot is on gas.Any suggestions to what it could be? Please help had to walk home from work today an hour and a half i need to get this car running again.