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  1. Bought an L-Certified 2016 GSF with 5400 miles on it. Almost immediately noticed the brake squeal...took it into the dealer and was told the same thing as the F-Sport issues - high performance brakes tend to squeal. Im sorry, but an $88k car shouldn’t squeal. The Mercedes E63 AMGs sure doesn’t...nor does the M5. Tried the alternative pads and immediately noticed a difference in performance, and they sounds like they were grinding the entire time...the squeal was gone, but the grind never left either. Took it back to the dealer a week later and they replaced them with new factory pads and was told they were sending my original pads to Lexus because they said they shouldn’t squeal to begin with. I’m due for my 10k maintenance tomorrow morning and will mention the brakes again, but was interested in anyone actually bedded in their brakes? I read that in another forum, but had never heard of doing that. Or if Lexus would even recommend it...or hell, if it even makes a difference? What I’m starting to think after 5k Miles is that it happens when they’re cold...it seems like when I’ve had a chance to drive for a bit, they won’t squeal anymore. It’s bizarre and hard to find something in common or consistent that’s going on that would lead to the problem and hopefully a solution. Hopefully there are some more GSF owners out there, there aren’t many on the road and they’re awesome cars. I finally gave up my 04 GS430 for this one and love it, except for the annoying squealing. Would appreciate any responses and advice.