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  1. bushings wearing out. Everything rubber disintegrates a little quicker in Southern California but this is unusual. Have owned car since i year old and 15k miles. No accidents prior or after purchase. waiting for lexus to respond to email i sent them but haven't heard back. Lower fronts. Now need a rear also but it lasted 198500 miles.
  2. I have a 2001 gs300. Replaced lower control arms 80k miles. replaced at dealership. replaced again at 140k mile. Also at dealership. Now they need to be replaced again. Im not sure even Lexus parts are any better quality. Any thoughts?
  3. I am looking to buy aftermarket control arms and ball joints for a DIY replacement. Both front and rear. Can anyone recommend good aftermarket control arms. Or, recommend which ones are not good.
  4. Not sure if it is electrical or fuel system but while driving the car just quits. All electronics, AC, radio all shut off and car stalls out. All lights come on on dash. Car starts when stopped and put into park. Have had dealership check the car and they cannot find any issue. They suggest it may be fuel pump but not sure. Any thoughts?
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