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  1. Hi all - Need to run power/ground wires through the firewall in my '17 NX. Tapping off of a fuse won't work, as the radio (a ham transceiver) draws too much power. Looks like a real bear to try to get two 16-gauge wires through the firewall, and can't even find an accessible spot to get through. I'd much rather go through an existing hole (say, one with a grommet) than drill a new hole - but even if I had to do that, looks like a real bear to do. Any suggestions? Thanks! Edit: Found a way to run the wires through where the big harness and the hood release go through on the driver's side. Just ran it through the existing hole; the large rubber grommet still made a good seal, no noise and no drilling. Got a nice clean install done.
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    Thanks, will do that - makes sense.
  3. Looking to install a mobile amateur radio in my NX and can't figure out where to put it. There doesn't seem to be any spot which would work well, even with a detachable face. Has anyone put one into an NX, and if so, which radio - and where did you put it? Thanks in advance!
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    Mind letting me know how you did that? (would save me a bit of time) - thanks very much ;-)