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  1. Good to know about the key hole. I'll tap on it harder to try to secure it better too.
  2. Found this bit of the door handle trim laying on the ground next to my '07 ES350 the other day. It doesn't just snap back on and stay in place. I press it in place and can easily remove it with out much effort. Is there a trick to re-installing them so they stick? Thanks.
  3. Went out to start the '08 ES350 this morning and it didn't "see" the key fob that was sitting in the console. Ok; went to get the spare and it didn't "see" that one either. Doors wouldn't respond to either fob or touch control on the door. It beeped at me when I exited the vehicle. Lights went on and steering wheel adjusted for driving but no joy after that. Let it sit for a few minutes then tried it again. Still no joy. Yelled at it using some naughty words, tried it again then it started. I'll get new batteries in both fobs but still, that's strange. Anyone else have something like that happen? Thanks.