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  1. I had been searching coast to coast for 2 months for my RC350 before I found it. Autotrader was my first search point every day. I can tell you that you that most of the cars that have the ML stereo are not specified as a category. I would have to look at the pictures of the interior to check for the "ML" stereo. I would have liked finding a car with ML. But, I wanted other options more.
  2. Even though I have a RC 350 (not a RX 350), I have had a similar experience. For me, it was when traction control kicked in. The motor loses some power and acts like a hesitation in acceleration. I started paying attention to the dashboard when in those scenarios that would exhibit the issue. That is when I saw the traction control light come on. I would say it was more of a 1-2 second delay before accelerating hard again. Have you taken a look at the dash during the time the issue occurs? Have you tried to turn off traction control and see if the problems occurs? Hope this helps...