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  1. Hi , i'm new to this forum and i'm driving 2015 AWD IS350 Fsport, got bored and hit the search button for Lexus IS and found this forum, this forum seems to be dead unlike other forum, but its a nice forum setup and layouts. i can answer any of your Lexus IS 2006+ answer Suspension wheel mechanic except Electrical ! thats my car
  2. AWD shouldnt have any problem
  3. did you guys push up your Lumbar support ? check the Lumbar support there a ROUND button on your left seat. Man i hate that thing because it hurts my back.
  4. Go to dealer they had a fix on that, they will put you on an Oil Consumption test if it still occur they will perform piston ring and camshaft replacement for free, don't know if your car still under warranty. go and ask Dealership
  5. your OEM Amp in the trunk got moisturized, clean it up and dry it with the hair dryer, put a thin tower under the amp when u put back in
  6. SOmeone has done it, its should be plug and play, you need a new wire harness and the 350's brake+rotor
  7. IS year 06-11 has some recall + carbon buildup, Airbag recall Piston ring recall Dashboard recall, the main thing is the carbon buildup if you don't know how to maintenance get IS 350
  8. Yours 250 smell like rotten eggs once you go WOT is because your Engine burns your Carbon Buildup, its a good thing !