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  1. Hi, I'm new here and pretty new to car repair. I have a 2000 GS300 that I'm pretty sure has a parasitic battery drain. When it's off, the car draws 90mA -- if it sits idle for 5 days or so, the battery drains completely. By pulling fuses with my multimeter connected to the battery, I've determined that the "DOME"/interior lights circuit is responsible for about 60mA of that draw. According to the manual, the DOME circuit is responsible for the interior lights, personal lights, vanity lights, trunk light, and clock. I've confirmed that all of the interior lights, glove box light, and trunk light shut off automatically when they're supposed to. I've also disconnected both the clock and the glove box light and confirmed that the drain occurs even when they're disconnected. Any ideas how to home in further on the problem? My working theory is that there's a grounded wire somewhere, maybe the one running to the trunk light, but I'm shooting in the dark at this point.