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  1. new member

    I am a new owner of a 2006 GX470 with 101k on it. Been a great car so far, did have my first experience with the rear air suspension this week though. Damage cause by the tire shop resulted in a popped bag. Bag replaced but that system has it's own demons. I just ordered coil spring conversion from Metal Tech so if I have anymore issues I can just swap it right out and be on the way. Looking forward to many years of driving this GX.
  2. Rear air bag bump stop

    Ok so I guess I am asking is one bag an aftermarket and one bag stock? Talked to Lexus and they said the only way to get that piece is with the air bag...
  3. Rear air bag bump stop

    Hello, new 2006 Lexus GX470 here. I just had new tire installed today and the shop jacked up the right rear air bag. I started driving it and the vehicle felt wrong. Took it back to the shop and I saw the air bag was not sitting right. Well we got it straightened out but that short drive rubbed a hole in the bag. Shop is replacing the bag but I noticed a bump stop on the bottom of the air bag is gone. Look at the pictures. So anyway does anyone know where I can get a replacement bump stop and not from Lexus. They want $80 for it. Thanks.