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  1. touch screen navigation

    Anybody have issue with there touch screen navigation or anyone that knows the solution to it? I have an 2008 IS 350, 3 weeks ago my navigation stops working. From radio to A/C, pretty much all the option in the screen is non accessible. I don't know if i need to calibrate the touch screen or its a software issue. Need help... Thanks!
  2. Hi 2 weeks ago my navigation stop working on my 2008 IS 350. i can't use any of the option or feature on my navigation. Every time i touch map screen it goes to the right or if i press info button and use any of the option there it brings me to lexus park assist menu but won't be able to use the option on the screen. I saw a post by king88 about the same issue that i have but the post is dated back in 2012 but didn't see any post back on how to resolve the problem. Thank you!