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  1. ...not to mention the other problem I stripped the McGARD security socket ordered 2 new ones and both of those stripped due to an apparent overly tight nut, so I hammered on a 3/4'' 1/2 drive 12pt socket and it came right off but I cant get the socket off the nut to do the other 3 because I don't have a strong enough vise and I don't want to bother using a torch so I ended up just ordering 3 more sockets I hate these security lug nuts there is 6 points of contact but the damn things are only a few millimeters deep what a crappy design... oh well
  2. No luck, it dials the main number but wont dial the 4 number extension. what the hell?
  3. Actually my cell phone has the option to call then pause for an extension and it works fine....I am going to try to just transfer the the number/extension from my cell phone using a blutooth app on my phone to transfer to the nav system in the rx400, maybe that will work. I know directly inputting the number into the nav didn't work
  4. Hello all, sorry if this is been asked and resolved but I couldn't find an answer, just purchased a 2008 rx400 (I love it) and have entered my wife's work number added the pause then added her extension but the phone just connects to the main number and not the extension, what am I doing wrong?....or is this system unable to dial a number and extension thanks for any help
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    Hi, just puchased a used 2008 rx400h with 80k miles, this is my first Lexus have always been an Olds, GM person. I really like this car and once i figure everything out I will post some more. morgan