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  1. First, disclaimer...I'm not a car mechanic or enthusiast. I just like really nice driving cars that look sweet and I spend a ton of time driving for my job. So I bought my GX470 used and the rear suspension is leaking fluid. Front struts need to go replaced too, not in the best shape and with the back toasted might as well do both since they're the same age... I found this out because I came in to get some nice wheels and tires. Wanted to do 20" rims with some aggressive offroad wheels. The wheel situation has actually gone back and forth between some 18" with fatty tires and 22" with thinner wheels for a more stylish city driving look. I do not intend to do heavy off roading but I like an aggressive look (putting on a grille guard or bull bar) and conceivably I could be taking this vehicle out on some heavy terrain. This is the thing. My stock shocks cost alot...$2400 with labor. I know 20" rims with like a 275 mm width is a tough fit with a stock suspension and I could go with a lift which will actually cost LESS then these expensive Lexus air suspension shocks and do the trick to get the look I want. Also, someone told me the air suspension system is doomed to fail on my car anyway, they fail all the time. I'm worried about how an aftermarket lift kit will feel when I drive it vs. the stock suspension. If I go with something else than the Lexus electronic air shocks I lose the comfort vs. sporty switch on the controls. I could deal with this if I got something smooth AND sporty. Is this achievable? Is there a good option other than just getting the expensive stock stuff from Lexus and fitting my wheels to that? Do any of you have experience with putting on a lift like 2.5" and opinions on how comparable the drive is? How about insight into any future issues with lifting a GX. Any insight is greatly appreciated.