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  1. 2004 SC430

    Thanks Trevor , I can't get my wife out of it , but really bought for her anyway . What a fun car though , a lot of them available right now , thanks for the welcome , all the best to you .
  2. 2004 SC430

    There must be a visual difference between a 2004 radio and a 05 or later radio , like a Sat button or Aux ? Could somebody post a picture of the later model radio , I want Siriux radio and I will replace radio if I have to
  3. 2004 SC430

    My Wife and I bought a 2004 black on black 430 , great car , quite a few miles 160k , but in great shape . Need to get Sat radio in here .
  4. Sc 430 Speakers

    Shawn I'm complaining about the same things and I like the Fosgate speakers as well but I want sat radio in my 04 , I guess your not in favor of changing the radio so that leaves me with the small Sat radio receiver add on and transmit to the OEM radio ?