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  1. Moarpower

    91 celsior Idle Dropping

    Those badges have to go. I need to purchase a heat gun to remove them tho. I will certainly start using vice grips until I get new struts lol.
  2. Moarpower

    91 celsior Idle Dropping

    Here are some quick pics. Sorry for the bad lighting and poor camera used.. Cheap phone. I will be starting a thread dedicated to the project and will use my dslr
  3. Moarpower

    91 celsior Idle Dropping

    Yes the light flashes in time with the idle dropping down. I have since changed all spark plugs and in doing so removed the throttle body again. Noticed that the air hose on the throttle body to the valve cover on the drivers side has a huge split. Certainly that is contributing. I will replace the AFM as it is throwing a code 31 , replace the hose and go from there. It is a stunning car and needs to be on the road. The interior and wheels alone is what I paid for the car.
  4. Moarpower

    91 celsior Idle Dropping

    Hey guys.I have lovely 91 celsior that needs a little TLC. It look amazing and has had the interior completely reupholstered. I just replace the fuel pump, cleaned the throttle body and the IACV hoping to solve this issue.When cold she takes about 10 seconds to start and will run and idle great until it reaches its operating temp. Then the idle will bounce from around 600 at idle down to almost stalling, and then bounce back up. As the idle is dropping the Engine light at trac off lights flash on, They turn off when the idle bounces back up. I have seen the idles hunt up but this is different to what I could find elsewhere. when this starts, if i quickly rev the engine it will stall when i take my foot off suddenly.
  5. Moarpower

    Clicking throttle pots

    Easy fix. It was a misalignment of the traction pot. The ticking is coming from the traction assembly , cabinside of the TB
  6. Moarpower

    Throttle Position Sensor

    I know this is an old thread but I thought I would resolve it as I had the issue myself and found no answer on the forums. If you hear a loud ticking from the TB area and you have trac mounted to the throttle body, there is a good chance that your traction pot is out of alignment. If the part is not broken it is an easy fix. TO diagnose that this is your ticking, disconnect the cable a the rear of the TB, not the 2 o n the pots, the one connected towards the cabin, just above the plastic airflow assembly. Set the ignition to on and see if the ticking is gone. If it is, you need to realign the trac pot
  7. Moarpower

    Clicking throttle pots

    Hey guys. I replaced the throttle body of my 91 ls. This is one with a trac pot and throttle pot on the tb. However it did not come with the sensors or pots so I am using my original ones. The pot closest to the air intake clicks when the key is set to on so I'm guessing it needs to be ?
  8. Moarpower

    91 Celsior/LS400 No fuel

    In this car the circuit opening relay is mounted next the ecu behind the glove box. Opened it up and realised it was not engaging. I engaged it manually and finally got power to the FP relay. Now to solve the hunting idle.
  9. Moarpower

    91 Celsior/LS400 No fuel

    Thanks Celsi0r Ok . So another day done. New fuel pump and filter installed as the old one literally looked 25 years old..Replaced the circuit open relay and viola. She sprang to life. SOunds good, runs good..A little fumey but thats to be expected for something that has sat for so long. This celsior only has 95000 kms on the clock. I let it idle for a while and she began to hunt ever so slightly. So there are still some issues here. I will clean the iacv and throttle body/ Ill see whats up soon enough.
  10. Moarpower

    91 Celsior/LS400 No fuel

    No fuel pressure as fuel pump is not running at all and there is no power at the fuel pump relay
  11. Moarpower

    91 Celsior/LS400 No fuel

    Looks like Im on my own with this one.
  12. Moarpower

    91 Celsior/LS400 No fuel

    Update. Pulled the ecu. Can not spot any bad caps or dead solder anywhere. No power to fuel relay socket...Hooked battery + and - to fuel pump panel behind seat, noise from Fuel pump relay area but no pump sound.
  13. Moarpower

    91 Celsior/LS400 No fuel

    HI guys. New here. I just snagged a celsior for the motor and interior but after getting it home I realise its a !Removed! beautiful vehicle and have decided to get it on the road. Day one, no power. Previous owner had removed an aftermarket sound and lighting setup and did NOT bother to put it back together. I sorted it out and now it cranks fine. However the keyfob is pretty well screwed and messes with the immobilizer. Now I have it cranking and all interior electrics are working, including the massage seats which I thought would have been out of action by now. The issue I have now is there is no fuel. No fuel pump prime that I can hear. I am new to these cars but I have searched forums and can only find forums that are left open ended as the op's nearly never post the resolutions they find if any at all. I located the fuel pump relay in the front right ( a lone yellow relay under its own cover ( 4 parallel pins)). It was coroded so I cleaned it with contact cleaner. No go.. Used a multimeter and battery tester to check the relay socket, no power to be found. ANy tips would be greatly appreciated.