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  1. Denso knock sensors are the best ones to buy to replace factory - dont settle for less because it ends up costong you more time and mostly money
  2. jbjw2001


    my 2001 lexus LS430 LOVE IT
  3. My Lexus wants to take off but seems like its being held back - had both knock sensors replaced with the intake manifold but check engine light came back on about 3 hours later - but later it will run like new again and check engine light goes off - then comes back on later with engine problem again - whether its a day or an hour - its weird - any help please - mechanic from lexus dealer said ED1 connector or ECM (engine control module) - I am going to replace Mass Air flow sensor to see if that helps - any suggestions? Started to get very expensive - BEST CAR I HAVE EVER OWNED - by the way -
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